Christiane Amanpour makes headlines just by speaking up

An interesting on-air exchange took place yesterday at CNN between chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour and anchor Wolf Blitzer.

Of course what followed were these headlines:

Christiane Amanpour Snaps At Wolf Blitzer Over CNN Ukraine Coverage


Christiane Amanpour Scolds Wolf Blitzer: ‘You Have To Be Really Careful’ About Ukraine Facts


CNN’s Amanpour Battles with Blitzer and Guest over Allegations of Anti-Semitism in Ukraine

Snap? Scold? Battle? Oh my. That doesn’t sound very ladylike.

I don’t mean to get all Sheryl Sandberg on you here… oh hell, maybe I do…

It’s worth pointing out to all of us women that what Amanpour did was assert herself in her area of expertise. Amanpour reminded her colleague of CNN’s journalistic responsibility in reporting on events in the Ukraine. Yes, she raised her voice as did Blitzer, but it never got unprofessional.

I know for many women, including me, speaking up to a male colleague is not always easy.  I’m going to keep this exchange in mind the next time I find myself hesitating to speak up. I hope you will too.


True Confessions

Sometimes things get a little too serious around here.

I want to share a twitter exchange I had with New England Cable Network’s Jackie Bruno this morning. I think so many of you will be able to relate.

Jackie obviously has a sense of humor and was brave enough to post this today on her twitter feed:


Her post made me laugh and suddenly I didn’t feel so bad about the vase of dead Valentine roses I’ve been meaning to throw away.


Jackie is right. She’s admitting what every other woman I know – whether in this business or out of it is saying. It is hard to juggle work, family, and home and our desire to get it all done only puts more pressure on ourselves. Trust me, I don’t have any advice about trying to tame the beast but her post reminded me that sometimes it’s best to take a moment, admit the truth and laugh about it.

P.S. The dead roses finally made it into the trash!


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